Anova Technologies Launches, Offering Trading Technology Services and Unparalleled Speed to the Markets

Based out of Chicago, Anova Technologies has just launched as the leading provider of IT for the
financial services industry, ensuring the highest network efficiency available today.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) March 5, 2009 — Michael Persico, former owner of Tekom, Inc., has founded another
technology consulting firm, this one focused on the creation of customizable networks for the trading industry. Anova Technologies promises to achieve the lowest latency trades on the planet with services revolving around exchange proximity hosting, hardware acceleration and bandwidth optimization techniques.

“With the volatility of today’s markets, high-speed connectivity and messaging could mean the difference
between winning and losing a trade. Anova offers the next-generation of fully customized networking systems to provide our clients with the speed they need to get filled every time”, said Persico.

With innovation at the core of the new firm’s philosophy, Anova sets forth to build mission and business-critical systems for organizations in every stratum of the financial industry. Other advanced solutions from Anova include cloud & grid computing, which involves dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources provided as a service over the Internet, high-velocity algorithmic trading network build outs, complex event processing (CEP) and 24×7 real-time monitoring and support.

Persico continues, “Trading has truly evolved into an electronic arms race and, given the extraordinary capital
and personnel requirements, one such that only a small handful of firms are even able to participate. Anova exists to bridge this gap: offering tomorrow’s technology…today, and further, presenting it as a service which allows for a wider and more rapid adoption. We simply refuse to acknowledge that the cutting-edge should only be reserved for the top 1% of firms.”

Tekom left a lasting impression on the financial industry with the design and implementation of over 100 trading arcades & networks and the development of many technological standards used for screen-based trading today; newly formed Anova is set up to follow in those footsteps. Current customers include electronic exchanges, hedge funds, proprietary trading firms and market makers. Most clients are geographically centered in the financial hubs of London, New York and Chicago, but Anova’s services are available worldwide.

About Anova Technologies:
Anova is a specialized network provider with an all-encompassing pursuit that centers on fusing the
next-generation of advanced technologies with conventional business utility. Seismic shifts in
telecommunications, messaging and networks occur constantly. Anova exists purely to help firms capitalize on
these pioneering trends … today. Our expertise has been honed over decades of building the fastest trading
connectivity on the planet, but our experience is truly applicable across industries.

Additional information can be found at
For more information contact:
Eva Knapp, Marketing Coordinator


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